Campaigns by Members

This area is for links to Kickstarter campaigns launched by those taking this Kickstarter Best Practices. Really slow time here over the end of the year.

Going Now

Fiery Girls by Heather Wardell. This is a really well done campaign on a great topic, well worth reading about. And it is a novel. And beautifully produced. What is even better is that it funded almost instantly and is still climbing. Really worth studying and backing, folks.

COLLIDING WORLDS by Dean Wesley Smith... I'll get this new year started with a brand new Make 100 campaign that consists of 50 of my science fiction stories and 50 of Kris's science fiction stories in a five volume set. Plus this time it has two special three-week workshops included. AND CHECK OUT THE VIDEO. Kris and I did it together and we talk a little about collaboration. And this funded in two hours and hit the first stretch goal within a first day.