Campaigns by Members

This area is for links to Kickstarter campaigns launched by those taking this Kickstarter Best Practices.

Let's Make An Audio Book by Michael Kingswood. A second campaign to help him do audio books for one of his series. 28 days to go as of the 25th.

Firefrost - An Epic Fantasy Novel by Camille. This is a first novel campaign to help get a decorative edition of the book. Nice clean campaign. Almost to the goal with 27 days to go as of the 25th.

Funny and Stupid Stories by Shantnu Tiwari. A small campaign for a new collection of stories. Got some fun rewards. Half way to the goal with 16 days to go as of the 25th.

Ask Jericho: To Die For by Bonnie Elizabeth Koenig. Really clean and nice campaign to help with the costs of her new books and also a ton of information about other things you can get. Just a few bucks short with 6 days to go as of the 25th.