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This area is for links to Kickstarter campaigns launched by those taking this Kickstarter Best Practices.

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Remember, folks, it really helps all of us if our campaigns fund in the fiction area. The more we put up, the more we have success, even at the small asks, the more Kickstarter pays attention to the Publishing/Fiction area. So even if only for a few bucks, help these campaigns along if you can.

And most importantly, study how they are doing it. The last three dozen campaigns by members have all funded. Well done, folks.

SORRY, I have been gone for a few months with eye issues. Back now.

No Secrets Better Kept by Dayle Dermatis. This is for an anthology of "secret" stories by some top short story writers. Dayle is the editor and she did a fantastic job putting all these top authors and stories together for a fully professional anthology. And this campaign is a great one. Worth studying folks for the good rewards and how she is very clear about the authors. She just launched and now needs to tell all the authors it is out. Back this great project.

Strange Stories: Make 100 by Shantnu. This is a very small campaign for collections, even though he calls them anthologies. Oops. And I have no idea what the focus of this is, to be honest. It does not seem to have a focus or be about anything other than a few collections. But he has a low enough ask, and enough time left, it should fund. But folks, remember to focus your campaigns. Be very clear on what you are funding.

100th Power by Robert Jeschonek. This is a three-book collection of stories from one of the best writers working in fiction today. I buy his stories every issue for Pulphouse Fiction Magazine and I am doing the introduction to one of the volumes of this. This campaign is done perfectly, great art, great attitude and some fun extra stuff. Worth studying and backing. Trust me, it will be the wildest and most fun reading you have had in a long, long time.

Dragon Business and Skeleton in a Closet by Kevin J. Anderson. This is one to study and back, folks. Fantastic rewards, great extra stuff for backers, and you will love the two books that are the focus. Kevin is known for Dune and Star Wars, but he writes some of the best fun fantasy you will ever read. This is a great one. Worth backing and following and studying.

Criminally Good Stories: A Make 100 Kickstarter by Connor Whiteley. This is a good small campaign for five books of mystery and crime stories. Covers are good, but the campaign could be a little flashier. Also, the lowest rewards are one book out of the five. The lowest reward needs to be all five books since that is the focus. So doing it that way cuts down the income, but this one is a good one and should fund.

The Soul Bound Saga: A Complete Five Book Epic Fantasy Series by James E. Wisher. James does more smart things in this than I thought possible in one campaign. Great art, clear images of the books. And he makes it clear he is only selling paperback and hardbacks and that you can get his electronic copies on his own bookstore on his own site. So his prices are for paper and signed hardbacks and he funded quickly and will go higher. Study and back this one, folks. Doing some new stuff here.


Two Outdoor Adventure Fantasies by Inkprint Press. This is a very simple and very nice campaign for two longer stories. This is out of Australia but paper shipping to the US is decent priced. Also, if you want to see how the new add-on system in Kickstarter is working, they are using it here. Worth studying for a small campaign that worked.

The Viper's Head by Anna McCluskey. Very nice first campaign for an Urban Fantasy novel. It is simple and clean. I would take a look at this one to study how to do a simple campaign. Again worth studying.

Serf 72 by Shawn Raiford. This is a well-done first campaign for a dystopian novel. He has lots of different kinds of rewards. And the art is great. This is a good one to study for a different style of campaign.

Turning Winter's Dissension into an Audio Book by Connor Whiteley. This is a nicely done campaign out of Great Britain. Audio book campaigns are very, very tough, as I have said here before and on my blog a few times. The reason is that the readership of audio books is 1/100th of electronic and paper. So market is low. Writers pay a lot of attention to audio books and readers who like them love them. But for a campaign you are cutting your possible market by major factors. Even though this was a great campaign, he just couldn't fight against the weight of audio books and it didn't fund.

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