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This area is for links to Kickstarter campaigns launched by those taking this Kickstarter Best Practices.

Going Now

Remember, folks, it really helps all of us if our campaigns fund in the fiction area. The more we put up, the more we have success, even at the small asks, the more Kickstarter pays attention to the Publishing/Fiction area. So even if only for a few bucks, help these campaigns along if you can.

And most importantly, study how they are doing it.

And sorry for the slowness in doing these. I'm picking up speed.

Six Science Fiction Novellas by Kristine Kathryn Rusch by Dean Wesley Smith. This is the one we are doing this month. Funded in 35 minutes and has hit three stretch goals, plus a special stretch goal and from Kickstarter got a "Project We Love" designation. This is only a nine-week campaign, so if you want to get some great reading by Kris or study it, you only have a few days.

And Then I Shall Transform: Six Fantasy Stories by Inkprint Press. This just launched. It is a small campaign for a collection of six fantasy stories and should do fine. I would have suggested more art in the story, and books that look like books and not ereaders. Just a little too much text for backers to get through easily. But a good solid campaign that should do very well and the stories will be worth reading. Back it if you get a chance.

Space Lives: A Science Fiction Collection by Eva Holmquist. This is just about to fund and still has 17 days to go. This is a really well-done small campaign to launch a collection. Except for putting book images on ebook readers, I like this one a lot. Back it if you get a chance.

The Trouble with Shifters and Fae Courts by Kat Simons. This is her first one and it just funded with 10 days to go. Great-looking campaign with bright colors, great colors, and covers. Only quibble I would suggest to all of you is the size of the covers. Look at the size of the covers on the one we have going, then look at the size of the covers on Kat's. Hers work but they could be so much more dramatic since that is what is being promoted. But a great campaign. Worth studying and backing.

Devil's Bargains: A Contemporary Fantasy Collection by Z.J. Cannon. Just about to fund and still have 24 days left. This is doing really well because it hits just about everything perfectly. Great book covers, interesting story, good rewards. To make this perfect it could use section headers, but with the great covers, you don't notice they are missing. Worth backing and studying, folks.

The Guests of Crooked Neck:A Stormy Science Fiction Novel by Danielle Williams. This campaign has some really original art and a lot of art rewards as well as the fiction rewards. In fact, it is all very well done, but there is enough here for three campaigns. Wow. A beautiful campaign, worth backing and it has funded with 15 days to go. But folks, on your campaigns, remember to focus it. Take a look at this one and back it. You have a billion choices.

Complete Urban Fantasy by Barbara G Tarn. This already funded with 10 days left to go. This has no art or images besides section headers at all in the story. All text. I know Barbara has great covers, I have seen them. They should be splashed through the story part of the campaign to help backers. (Barbara, you can still go add in some in the story.) Worth backing for the great reading.

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