Links to Fiction Kickstarters

Here is an ever changing list of links to various Kickstarter Fiction Campaigns we think you should check out.

I will update every other day or so and add more... I am giving my opinions on each one, but you should check each one out.

I am ignoring all the ones that are too stupid to ever fund. Not worth our time studying them.



Just closed, worth a look still to see what they did.

Black Kitten: A LGBTQ novel by Melissa Sweeny... CLOSED...An historical novel set in the 1920s. She more than doubled her ask of $1,000 and this has some really nice graphics. Super well done. Worth a look.

Phoenix Rising by Ephie Risho (and his daughter)... CLOSED... This is actually under Young Adult fantasy instead of fiction. Made its goal early, then stalled out but still got over $7,000, which is a nice payday.


Open at the moment in the Fiction Category under Publisher and worth a look in my opinion as of May 21st...

Note: There are four or five that are ending in a few hours or a day (Wednesday) that are just head-shaking, but they funded. Not a clue how, but they did. Might want to take a look at how even bad ones can fund.

Worth a look...

Tamora Carter: Goblin Queen by Jim C. Hines. Funded $3,500 goal and is at $12,000. It hasn't moved in 9 days. Jim is a well-known writer and this is a well-done Kickstarter. Might want to look at it for ideas on how to do a single book Kickstarter if you have some backlist.

Duskblade: The Audio Book by Joel Norden. He has done a few campaigns before and started at just over $300 ask and is at $1,300 with 8 days to go. Fantasy shared world.

Shades of Black: In Darkness Cast by Jon Shuerger. This is his first campaign and his first novel. But besides needing a better artist, this is a very professional-looking book. He asked for $2,000 and is over $6,000 with ten days to go. He has 78 backers, so he does have an audience already. Got a hunch he's not going any farther since his large rewards are gone (they were creative). He needs to add a few home stretch rewards.

Darkdrifters: The Key and the Crescent by Matthew Newman, who is a card game designer. This funded quickly and has 8 days to go and is still climbing, but he will need to add in more rewards. Very clean and clear campaign. This is a single fantasy novel, and what makes it more than anything is the great art and the great attitude. I just backed it because I want to see where this goes.

Nexus by Mike Baron. MIke is a major comic writer (Badger) and novelist who has been around a long time. This funded a $6,000 goal quickly and is now over $12,000 and I expect it to go higher in 10 more days. Nexus is a comic as well, but this is for the novel. Watch this one. Interesting in that he jumped right to signed paperback that I backed. What a pain that will be for him, but he is used signing things. Only issue I see is that he didn't charge any shipping. Yikes. To keep this going, his upper level awards are gone, so he will need to add some.

Staying in Place by John Betancourt. He had a huge campaign a while back that Kris was a part of. I have known John for over 40 years. He rejected a lot of my stories back in the 1980s when he was a first reader at Asimov's. This is another monster idea with an anthology of upwards of 20 novels from known names and also Black Cat Mystery Magazine ebooks, a lot of them. He only started at $100 ask and went past a thousand in a day or so. Watch this one over the next 23 days. Got a hunch John will be adding rewards and authors because right now everything is just too cheap and not enough rewards.

A Task... I am not linking to this one because even though it has funded, the idea is beyond silly. Take a look, but my suggestion is wipe off the smug when you are done and don't imitate what he is doing.

Lost in the Fire by Geraint Jones (a bestselling writer?) This is a crime novel and he has basically hit his goal with 25 days left. His upper rewards are almost gone, his others feel too cheap. 25 days to go.

Monster Empire Book #2 by Michael-Scott Earle. He asked for $15,000 and is at $42,000 in a couple days with 27 days to go. This is a fantasy from the point of view of a male sexist pig and he makes no apologies for his attitude and clearly has built up a fan base. And he is catering to them with fantasy art of naked elves and so on. He's making it work. Not one clue how. Take a look and see if you can get some ideas on rewards and such.

There are others that are out farther in dates, but have a slow start. If one of them takes off, I will list it here. But you might want to look at them. There just aren't that many total in fiction, something we are trying to change. SO IF YOU ARE LAUNCHING A KICKSTARTER, PLEASE WRITE ME WITH DETAILS AND WE'LL PUT IT IN OUR SPECIAL SECTION TO HELP GET YOU SOME PUSH.