Introduction to Power Words Workshop

Welcome to the Classic Power Words Online Workshop

This is the opening page. First step is to watch the video.

The Details

You can go through this at your own speed.


No matter what I say in the videos, do not send in the assignment. This is a classic workshop.


Just as I will not publish your assignments in any way and keep them only between the two of us, I ask you to respect my copyright on these videos and these pages. I have no problem with your spouse/partner working with you on these classes. But not your writing group or your writing partner. This is for you and you only.

And please do not save these videos to your computer or download them or share them in any way. They will remain here on your dashboard into the future for review for as long as you like, but still you would be better off taking notes as you watch each video.

That's it!

So that's how it's going to work. Very simple and direct.

Any questions e-mail me directly with the subject line "workshops" only.



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