WMG Publishing announces a new category of writing and publishing online workshops. Shorter and more intense learning experiences.

Kristine Kathryn Rusch and I have a number of workshop ideas we have wanted to do, but they are too long for a lecture and two short for the six week structure of the regular workshops.

To remind you…

---A Regular workshop goes through seven or so videos each week for six weeks and five homework assignments and costs $300.00. It takes six weeks to finish a class. Full list and descriptions at or here under each workshop on

---A Classic workshop is a retired regular workshop that you can go through as quickly or as slowly as you want and that has no homework to turn in, although homework assignments are there. The cost is $150.00. Full list can be found here at

---The Lectures are about ten to fourteen videos and are mostly $50.00 and you take them any time you want. Full list can be found here on

So we are adding in an entire new class of online workshops we are calling the Pop-Up Weekender workshops.

The Structure of the Weekender Workshops

Starting on Thursday morning right at 12:01 a.m. US West Coast Time (Pacific Time), six or seven videos will appear on the first session page for the workshop.

An assignment will be with the videos that is due by 9 p.m. US West Coast Times that day.

-- Friday the same thing.

-- Saturday the same thing.

-- Sunday just wrap-up videos. No assignment.

Total hours spent would be about two hours per day and eight hours total for the four days. You should be able to work that in. The videos will be recorded and you can go through them and do the assignment at any time during your day. They just have to get to us by 9 p.m. so we have time to get a response to you by midnight when the new day’s videos go up.

About thirty videos and three homework assignments all done in four days. Then the workshop will remain on your Teachable dashboard to go back and review the information as you please.

Cost will be $225.00 (halfway between Classic and Regular workshop price) and each workshop will be limited to seven writers. Only offered one weekend per month.

All sign-ups will be through Once it hits seven sign-ups on Teachable, I will close the workshop to more sign-ups, so don’t delay if interested.

And yes, you can take one or two of these workshops while also taking a regular workshop.

The Schedule

February 15-18, 2018

-- Controlling Fear of Failure

-- How to Study and Practice in Fiction (A Study Plan)

March 15-18th

-- Adding Tension to Your Writing

-- Making a Living in 2018/19 With Your Fiction

-- Controlling Fear of Failure

April 12-15th

-- The Indie Game. (Roll-play your way through ten years of decisions as an Indie Writer.)

-- How to Study and Practice in Fiction (A Study Plan)

-- Adding Tension to Your Writing

May 17-20th

-- Having Fun

-- tba

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(Note: Yes, you can use a credit from the Kickstarter or workshop offer or challenge awards. You would get one of these plus two lectures for each regular workshop credit, so write me directly and I will give you a code to get into the Weekender and credit for two lectures).

Any questions, just write me at [email protected]

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