Welcome to the Writing Teams in Fiction Online Workshop

This is the opening page. First step is to watch the video and then read these instructions.

The Details

As I said in the introduction video, each week on the day the workshop started, the new week's videos will appear.

This workshop starts on Tuesday, February 1st, so every Tuesday the week's workshop videos will be up.

Each week will have around five or six or so videos, give or take depending on the topic that week. Watch them in order. That is critical.

If I put a list inside the video, I will also attempt to have it under that video in text as well.

But a major suggestion!! Take notes like you are sitting in front of me here on the coast. You will help the information get in better if you take notes.


The last video each week will explain the assignment and what I want. I will also write the assignment under that video. But all explanation for the assignment will be on the video.

--- You have 5 Days to get me the assignment.

--- Each assignment will need to be in a doc file with your name on it and attached to an e-mail.

--- Each e-mailed assignment must have the following code in the SUBJECT line on the e-mail to me.

Teams Assign #

For Example: On week three, the assignment you are sending me would have a subject line... Teams Assign #3


This is critical because if you don't have that on the subject line, my spam filter will grab it and I may miss your assignment.

I will respond that I got your assignment every week to you so you don't have to worry.

I will give you a personal response about your assignment. It might be short, it might be long. It will depend on the assignment and how you did.

There is no requirement that you do the assignments, but they do help you get much more from the course.

Then the following week, I will put up a video talking about the assignments to everyone, without using names. Just talking about trends and such. You will need to watch that video first each week before going on with new content.

Mail all assignments to [email protected]


Just as I will not publish your assignments in any way and keep them only between the two of us, I ask you to respect my copyright on these videos and these pages. I have no problem with your spouse/partner working with you on these classes. But not your writing group or your writing partner. This is for you and you only.

And please do not save these videos to your computer or download them or share them in any way. They will remain here on your dashboard into the future for review for as long as you like, but still you would be better off taking notes as you watch each video.

That's it!

So that's how it's going to work. Very simple and direct.

Any questions e-mail me directly with the subject line "workshops" only. If you are not signed up yet, you can sign up here or write me directly.

It's going to be fun and I hope you learn a great deal from the coming six weeks.

And come back on Tuesday, Feb 1st for the first week's lectures and assignment.



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