General Introduction to Down in the Details Classes


This brand new series of writing classes is focused on details in certain areas of a genre. The three genres to start are Mystery, Fantasy, and Science Fiction Space Opera. Each will have eight classes.

Each class will be 9 or 10 videos on the topic of the class, plus a story prompt to write a story for an original anthology and submit it to Dean Wesley Smith, the editor.

If you follow the instructions in the guidelines and Dean likes the story, he will make you an offer to be in the anthology for that genre. WMG pays 6 cents per word.

Only one story per class per writer. But if you take all eight classes in the genre, you will get the chance to write eight different stories to get into the anthology. There are no deadlines for the stories. Dean will read them as they come in and when there are enough to fill an anthology, WMG will publish it and Dean will continue reading for a second anthology.

There will be bundles to buy all eight of any genre for a discount. And also a bundle to buy all 24 classes in the three genres.



This class is the second class of the eight fantasy classes. You do not have to take them in any order.

All instructions for the story submission from this class will be in the story assignment, including the topic restrictions, subject line, and so on. No deadline to submit a story but only one story per writer per class.

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