Introduction to the Interview Series WATCH AND READ FIRST!


This is the introduction to all 10 of the Interviews with Kristine Kathryn Rusch for her ten series in her Starter Kit Kickstarter Campaign. (EVEN THOUGH WE SAY IN THE VIDEO IT IS IN ALL TEN SERIES, IT IS NOT. ONLY HERE...)

To see great pictures of all the books in each series and where to buy them, go to and just hit see our books and search for series. Each series has a recommended reading order on the upper left.

Here are the ten series and first books or stories in the order of the interviews.

  •  The Santa Series (fantasy holiday romance)... Up on the Rooftop (novella)
  •  The Whale Rock Series (Seavy County) (dark fantasy)...The Women of Whale Rock (short story)
  •  The Sweet Young Things Series (hard-boiled mystery, crime)...Sweet Young Things (short story)
  •  The Fates Universe (fantasy romance)...Simply Irresistible (novel)
  •  The Faerie Justice Series (dark historical fantasy)...Dark Corners (short story)
  •  Spade/Paladin Series (mystery, private detective at sf conventions)...Stomping Mad (short story)
  •  The Smokey Dalton Series (historical mystery, private detective)...A Dangerous Road (novel)
  •  The Fey Series (epic fantasy)...The Sacrifice (novel)
  •  The Retrieval Artist Series (sf thriller, space opera)...The Disappeared (novel)
  •  The Diving Series (space opera, military sf)... Diving into the Wreck (novel)

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