Introduction to the Bundle Collection Classes

Collection Class Series in general...

The goal in nine weeks is to write and create and publish a five story collection based on a certain theme. Here in general is the layout of all nine weeks.

Week #1... General stuff about collections and the topic of the class. Assignment will be to come up with a number of possible titles and tag lines for your collection that you will be working toward.

Week #2 through Week #6... Videos about the theme of each class and each assignment will be to write a short story. Five stories in five weeks. (I will give you a bunch of prompts each week that fit the topic of the collection, but no requirement you follow any of them. They will be there just to help.)

Yes, I will read all the stories, but not for critique reasons, but to help you shape your collection. Meaning I will read each story when all five are turned in to tell you my opinion on which story to start with, which story should be put in the middle, which story to end with, and so on. Ultimately your decision, of course.

So you will get my feedback after Week #6 (not each week) on how to arrange the stories and Week #6 will, in general, talk about all the varied reasons for story arrangements in different genres and types of collections. (More to it than you would think.)

Week #7... Videos on the reason and how to write collection introductions and story introductions on each story and the assignment will be to write that and the back cover copy for your paperback edition.

Week #8... Covers and all the details. You will do a cover for me to help you with and check. Also pricing discussions.

Week #9... Videos on all the aspects of publishing a collection and the assignment will be that you will show me proof for the assignment (a link) that you have published your collection.

So in two months you go from nothing to a collection published, detail by detail, focusing on a certain subject.

A Challenge As Well...

If you sign up and write all five stories, do a cover, and do all the assignments and produce a collection at the end, that is a total win. And to add an extra reward for doing that, I will give you your choice of any Pop-Up class worth $150.00. A bonus for the win. But every assignment must be hit for all nine weeks.


Pets and writing about pets is great fun. And collections with pets, in just about any genre, sell well. So this is a really fun class and will be a great collection.


This bundle will allow you to buy all six 2022 collection classes for the price of five. Any questions, just write me at [email protected]

The six themes are Pets, Spies, Space Opera, Thieves, Dynasty, and Time Travel. You can write on these themes in any genre.

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