Shared Worlds

All The Details of How to Do Shared Worlds

SHARED WORLDS: What Are They, How to Do Them, and Why

This is a one-of-a-kind thing. Not a workshop, not a lecture, not a study along.

IMPORTANT!! This class will continue to at least the end of 2022.

For years now, Kris and I have tried to figure out how to teach shared worlds as a topic to writers to get the most benefit for writers. Both of us have written in so many shared worlds, we couldn't begin to count. From the major shared worlds of Star Trek and Star Wars, to the more subtle shared worlds of say the WMG Holiday Spectacular.

And everything in between. There are thousands of reasons indie writers and publishers would want to set up one form or another of a shared world. And also learn the tricks, the goods and the bad of writing in other people's shared worlds.

All major magazines are a from of shared worlds. Major indie publishers have set up shared worlds and have other writers writing for them. And so much more. Shared worlds are only as limited as your imagination.

In months we will cover major areas like:

1... Types of shared worlds

2... World Building

3... Rights and IP Control

4... Contracts (with sample contracts that will be studied)

5... Value of sales to you and your business.

6... How to write in a shared world (including one that is part of this class.)

7... How to get others to write in your shared world.

And we will fund and run a shared world.

So again, this will take months to complete...

--- NOTE: This Started October 15th, 2019 but you can still get in because the major part of it was postponed until January 2021. At this point, this will be going to at least the end of 2022 since we have more to do.

This will have a ton of videos, some assignments with enough time to do them, and even story assignments where you could sell a story to an anthology for professional rates.


-- This is not a workshop, a Pop-Up, a lecture, or a Study Along. This is a one-of-a-kind event.

-- Sorry, no credits apply I'm afraid. And this will not be in any lifetime subscription either.

And if you sign up, you can look at it all later if you want. Once you sign up, the information and learning and lessons will remain. However, there will be assignment due dates along the way. Those will have weeks notice ahead. Some of those dates have passed, but there will be more into 2022.

Price is $500 and again, I am sorry, but I can't take any credits on this one.

In other words, this is an off-shoot of licensing, in case you hadn't picked up on that. I will talk some about this in the licensing transition, just as a form of licensing, but nothing else there.



Cave Creek is a shared world that I have created. It will be an example of a shared world all the way through this, and you may be able to even write stories for a Cave Creek anthology at different points.

And right now it is a Kickstarter.

Details so far... In short, Cave Creek is a small town up a valley outside of Las Vegas. It is a historical mining site, has a small downtown area, a golf course, and some major modern subdivisions. It also has old mines and a major system of caves in the small valley, plus a few small lakes fed by a stream.

The above is the logo and the branding on Cave Creek. There will be many Cave Creek anthologies in the future. Romance, historical, mystery, and forms of science fiction and paranormal. All edited by me and paying professional rates.

So in this class you will learn how to develop your own shared world while learning from the development of Cave Creek. And maybe writing some stories for it as well.

The first part of this class did three Cave Creek anthologies. The second part of this class in 2022 will do some more, after more lectures.

Your Instructor

Dean Wesley Smith
Dean Wesley Smith

With over twenty-three million copies of his books in print, USA Today bestselling writer Dean Wesley Smith now brings you original fiction every month for the past three years in his own magazine, Smith’s Monthly.

Dean wrote over twenty-five original Star Trek novels, the only two original Men in Black novels, plus Spider-Man, X-Men, Iron Man novels, and others. He wrote many gaming novels including Final Fantasy.

He wrote novels and stories under almost fifty pen names and did scripts for Hollywood as well as being an editor for various magazines. He lives in Las Vegas with his wife, writer Kristine Kathryn Rusch. You can follow his writing life at

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