Pop Up Bundle #11-15

#11-15 Bundle of Pop-Ups

The Pop-Up.

Over the last number of years, topics and fun things had come up that Kris and I wanted to talk about, but we had had no structure to do so. But now we do with these Pop-Ups.

These Pop-Up topics will just appear when something strikes us. No regular order or timing, but we hope to do more than one per month at least.

Each Pop-Up will consist of from 10 to 15 videos on the topic. Maybe some extra stuff if the topic needs extra. And then one short story prompt.

The Short Story Prompt

Each Pop-Up will also have a short story assignment to a specific topic associated with the Pop-Up. If you decide to write the short story, you have until the date given in the Pop-Up to send Dean the story at [email protected] (About a week or so, on average.)

Instructions and deadline for each will be in the assignment video. Or you can take your time, write the story, and just get it out to readers or markets on your own. Your choice.

Dean or Kris will read your story and give you feedback within one week of the deadline.

We will suggest markets if we know of any. Also, if the story fits something either of us are editing at that moment and we like it, we might ask for you to send it back for that project. To send it back or not will be your choice. You are not submitting a story to anything by sending the story to us for feedback. You are just getting us to read it like a first reader. Only we are experienced editors.

Why would we do this? Because, honestly, we love reading short fiction and we would love to see what writers could do with some of these topics at hand.

Time Limited

Each Pop-Up workshop will only be available for sale for a short time, then it will be gone. Only those who have bought the Pop-Up or who have one of the bundle options for the Pop-Ups with that Pop-Up in it will be able to keep the Pop-Up on your dashboard.

And as I said above about the short stories, to get our feedback on your writing, you must hit the deadline specified. Otherwise just write it for yourself which will be fun as well.

This Bundle Will Have Pop-Ups #11-15

Your Instructor

Dean Wesley Smith
Dean Wesley Smith

With over twenty-three million copies of his books in print, USA Today bestselling writer Dean Wesley Smith now brings you original fiction every month for the past three years in his own magazine, Smith’s Monthly.

Dean wrote over twenty-five original Star Trek novels, the only two original Men in Black novels, plus Spider-Man, X-Men, Iron Man novels, and others. He wrote many gaming novels including Final Fantasy.

He wrote novels and stories under almost fifty pen names and did scripts for Hollywood as well as being an editor for various magazines. He lives in Las Vegas with his wife, writer Kristine Kathryn Rusch. You can follow his writing life at www.deanwesleysmith.com

Course Curriculum

  Pop-Up Bundle #11-15
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Courses Included with Purchase

#11 Pop-Up... Thinking Big For Fiction Writers
How to Dream and Think Big As A Fiction Writer
Dean Wesley Smith
#12 Pop-Up... Writing Flash Fiction
How to Write Successful Flash Fiction
Dean Wesley Smith
#13 Pop-Up... As You Write
How to Do Worldbuilding, Create Characters, and Outline As You Write
Dean Wesley Smith
14 Pop-Up... Making a Living with Short Fiction
How to Make a Living Writing Only Short Stories
Dean Wesley Smith
15 Pop-Up... You're Stuck! Now What?
How to Get Your Writing Moving Again
Dean Wesley Smith

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