Links to Anthology Kickstarters

Under Fiction Kickstarters, I am keeping track of Fiction Kickstarters are feel are worth looking at in best practices in one way or another. Remember, you really need to study Kickstarters and even try one (maybe not launch it, just put one together) to see what needs to be done.

Many fiction writers have put their campaigns under "Anthologies" in Kickstarter. So here are some of those as well. I will update this every few days.

This one funded and now has a preorder link on it...

Eating Authors by Lawrence M Schoen. This is not in the fiction category or the anthology area, but it concerns writers and is a great project that the profits will go to cancer research. Thankfully, Lawrence never invited me to come up with a favorite meal, but I got a hunch by the look of the names in this, there will be some fun ones. A project worth supporting.

Recognizing Fascism Anthology by Serena Ulibarri who is the editor of World Weaver Press. It is edited by Crystal M.Huff. This has funded solidly and doubled with over 11 days to go. This has a table of contents of some of the young stars in science fiction and fantasy and should go higher. Great art that doesn't seem to fit the topic, but is attractive anyway.


California Schemin' by John Betancourt... An interesting fiction project. Very, very few rewards. Check it out. John and Wildside press have been around for 30 years and he has enough followers this will fund easily.