Links to Anthology Kickstarters

Under Fiction Kickstarters, I am keeping track of Fiction Kickstarters are feel are worth looking at in best practices in one way or another. Remember, you really need to study Kickstarters and even try one (maybe not launch it, just put one together) to see what needs to be done.

Many fiction writers have put their campaigns under "Anthologies" in Kickstarter. So here are some of those as well. I will update this every few days.


The Fans are Buried Tales by ComicMix and Peter David. A fun anthology Kickstrarter campaign that only has three rewards, but should fund because there are some good writers and it is Peter David, after all, doing the editing.


The Complete Monster Earth by James Palmer. This is a really fun series of anthology stories, with this one focusing on the complete set of them. Great art, very clear rewards, nicely done and as I type this a day in, it is about to fund. So well worth studying and backing, folks. And one cool point that almost no one does. James put a great tag line at the top of the story. ONE WORLD. THREE ANTHOLOGIES. 12 WRITERS. DOZENS OF GIANT MONSTERS! That is the way it is done. Nice job!

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