Introduction to Study Along Workshops

Schedule: Time Travel Romance Workshop

Workshop dates are March 6th through the 9th, 2023.

Reading list will go out in January.

First short story will be assigned two weeks ahead of the start of the workshop.

Any questions, just write me.

Study Along Workshops

Since the in-person Vegas workshops are very limited and also you must qualify and be in the right place in your writing, many writers either don't qualify yet or can't make the trip to Vegas for one reason or another. And with six really fun topics, you might not be able to make more than one or two. But you can take all six as study-along classes.

So Kris and I have come up with a way to allow writers of any skill level to study along. It won't be the full in-person workshop by a long ways, but it will still be pretty nifty. And cheaper.

First, you will get the same reading list that we send out two months ahead. Same deadline to get it all read.

You will get the first story assignment. It must be turned it at exactly the same time as the writers in Vegas will turn their stories in.

We will do short videos about the reading books that will be released a little each day. (Writers in Vegas will also have access to all this as well for review later.)

We will do a series of recorded videos that will be opened up each day talking about learning the topic of the workshop, similar to regular online workshops.

In the study-along will get the short story assignments and deadlines at exactly the same as the Vegas writers. We will respond to your short stories.

Only the Vegas writers will get all the other craft assignments and hear the lectures and how that all builds. But the Study Along students will get our comments recorded about each book in the reading list and recorded lectures on the topics plus comments on the stories.

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